Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Sometimes I don't worry if I'm being taken!

Tuesday night I stopped at a Waffle House in southern Tennessee and had two 20 dollar bills in my billfold. I went in and ordered a 5 dollar meal. An older waitress than me, remember I am an old guy and decided I would pay with a 10 dollar bill and give her a nice tip thinking how blessed I am. A guy walks in after getting off the bus, asks where is the Arby's (has coupons for something free) the waitress replies next exit. As I finish eating, I ask the guy do you need a meal? He begins to thank me, I tell him to get whatever he wants plus a drink which came to 9 dollars. As I place his order I tell the waitress go ahead and take another 3 dollars out for yourself. I walk out after eating a 5 dollar meal, 2 eggs,  toast and tomato figuring they were about the most expensive eggs I've ever eaten. When the guy said, "God Bless You" and I know the waitress has to be happy with the tip I thought on my 60 mile drive back toward Nashville that probably is the best 5 dollar meal I've ever eaten!