Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Sometimes I don't worry if I'm being taken!

Tuesday night I stopped at a Waffle House in southern Tennessee and had two 20 dollar bills in my billfold. I went in and ordered a 5 dollar meal. An older waitress than me, remember I am an old guy and decided I would pay with a 10 dollar bill and give her a nice tip thinking how blessed I am. A guy walks in after getting off the bus, asks where is the Arby's (has coupons for something free) the waitress replies next exit. As I finish eating, I ask the guy do you need a meal? He begins to thank me, I tell him to get whatever he wants plus a drink which came to 9 dollars. As I place his order I tell the waitress go ahead and take another 3 dollars out for yourself. I walk out after eating a 5 dollar meal, 2 eggs,  toast and tomato figuring they were about the most expensive eggs I've ever eaten. When the guy said, "God Bless You" and I know the waitress has to be happy with the tip I thought on my 60 mile drive back toward Nashville that probably is the best 5 dollar meal I've ever eaten!


  1. Pro 19:17 He who shows favour to the poor lends to יהוה, And HE repays his deed.

    Way to go Paul! Good Example.

  2. Amen,, God bless you Brother!

  3. Being Jesus...demonstrating the Love of that while we were yet sinners...Christ died for us. (Romans 5:8) You took up the cross...died to yourself an lived unto Him. Great example brother.