Monday, September 17, 2012

Shut it Down!

I wasted precious time last week. The focus was on me. I spent overtime with my fears and anxieties. The news at home and abroad invaded my every waking moment. Political intrigue and Islamic violence captivated  the "what ifs"  of my tomorrow.
So today I have chosen to "shut it down". I will turn loose of me (my ego) my fears and anxieties and give them back to God.  I will release my  fears and anxieties and even my frustration of my Razorbacks 52 point loss.  Jesus promised "He" would be "Present" with us to the very end of the age.  This week I plan on being "Present" with Him moment by moment and not worry about all the "what ifs" of tomorrow . 


  1. Yes and Amen!

    Yahshua teach us to pray...

    When you pray say

    Abba (daddy) in heaven Holy is your name! יהוה

    We are waiting for your kingdom to come!

    Your will be done today as it is in Heaven!

    Give us this day our daily manna from Heaven!

    Lead us Away from temptation!

    Deliver us from the evil ones!

    Everything is yours all Powerful and Glorious!

    Today is your appointed time with man!

    Lev 23:23 And יהוה spoke to Mosheh, saying,
    Lev 23:24 “Speak to the children of Yisra’ĕl, saying, ‘In the seventh month, on the first day of the month, you have a rest, a remembrance of blowing of trumpets, a set-apart gathering.

  2. Amen and I will do the same!!! Our God is the same yesterday, today and forever!!!