Thursday, August 23, 2012

I Saw God Today

I have driven the same road on my way to work for twenty five years. The majority of time I never was aware of anything but an expanding two lane road becoming a four lane road. The only challenge on my short four mile drive was what speed to maintain so I could avoid not having to stop at one, but now a total of seven traffic lights.  Then one day a few years ago I decided I would try and experience something new I had never seen before on each journey. I was soon amazed at overhanging trees, hidden pathways, unique structures and seven small hills highlighting the community I call home.
So today on my morning drive I saw the sun once again in all its brilliance lighting the dawn. I deposited deep in my spirit the radiant orange sunbeams touching and burning the dew from the night. A spacious field lined by a three plank wood fence was sparsely dotted with horses grazing and meeting the new day. The smoky mountains a couple of hundred miles away were now present in my mind. The fog settled and hovered over some but not all of the figures on the rolling landscape.  It was a scene no canvas has ever captured. This morning “I Saw God Today” because I made a decision a few years ago I would look far beyond just four lanes and seven traffic lights on my road of life.

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